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How to Get Started
To get started, learning Quran is quite easy. You just need to avail free trial and install the following software and you are done!!!


Our program is very easy and flexible. You just need to send a registration Form or call us our representative will be ready to assist you in the installation of software and will give you a free tutorial for how does this service work . After scheduling your trial classes at your any convenient time you will tailored with a well-vesed online Quran tutor who will have very good interpersonal and communication skills and will teach you in one-to-one classes .We offer 2 , 3 , 5 or 6 days classes a week.

How to Start Quran Class?
Students just need to be online at an agreed time and day on Skype software which is freely available to anyone . Teacher and student both will be talking to each other in one to one basis with the help of Skype . Quran teacher will be able to show any lesson from the holy Quran or Qaida with the help of Screen sharing software . They will also be able to highlight words and Ayahs of the holy Quran or Qaida to make lessons very interactive and affective.
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